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Add:2/F, 27 Ding’an Road (junction of Hongmenju Road)

Tel:0571 8706 9333,0571 8707 9555

Time:10am - 11pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


You might not be aware of the huge number of eateries the MORE critics have to try before one passes the MORE review test. With an ear to the ground and a nose for a good thing, we have once again dug out from the morass of restaurants in town this newly opened restaurant on Yan’an road. With a name like Supersteak, it would be easy to imagine a small-town, neon-lit greasy diner chain in a place that no one can pronounce, like Arkansas or Saskatchewan. Or worse, one of those Taiwanese ‘steak houses’ that serve boot leather of dodgy pedigree covered in primordial ooze. While it might be quite tricky to put your finger exactly on what Supersteak is, it certainly isn’t a greasy spoon.
To get there, you have to duck into the small alley, Hongmenju, behind Yaojiang Plaza on West Lake avenue and Yan’an road. In the lobby, a hostess greets you, not with the usual singsong “Huanying Guangling,” but a reassuring, “Welcome. How many are you?” The stairs ascend into a big evenly up-lit dining room with lots of wood and glass, where the computers seem incongruent (no doubt to bribe those brats to stay put for once). We were led around lots of seating, past a full bar, buffet stand, by a couple of steers of steaks hanging in the window of the meat locker, and on to our private room, decked out in wood and wine racks.

The menus are veritable books. There’s one for the seafood and meat, oh, and what meat there is. The Six-rib Prime Rib Roast must be ordered in advance, as well as the Whole Pork Ham. On display in the photo menu is steak of cuts from all over world, grilled pork, chicken and sausage. To complete the meat fest, add haggis. Also offered are Asian seafood delicacies that stretch the MORE budget - abalone, shark fin, strange looking crabs - but lots of ordinary seafood too. The second book covers Supersteak's ‘World Menu’: sushi and sashimi; Malaysian Deep-fried Fish in Hot and Sour Sauce; Thai and Indian curries; Provencal Baked Mussels; escargot (with escargot cutlery!) and more. The final menu’s got drinks and wines from all over the world, and not pricy considering the generally top-notch décor and service.

So where should you put your finger? Steakhouse? Japanese? Continental? Southeast Asian? Surely we will get it wrong