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Bo You Seafood Barbecue

Add:262-15 Kaixuan Rd

Time:7pm to 3am


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Bo Le Seafood Barbecue, a newly opened store that mainly sells barbecued scallop, oyster and abalone, enjoys the reputation as "Hangzhou's King of Scallops." However, the "king" is no more than a small store covering some 20 square meters, while its predecessor was actually a booth on a tricycle parked under a streetlight on the bustling Pinghai Road. But its owner and cook, a 25-year-old man surnamed Jiang, has made his dish stand out among peers. It's hard to describe how good his dishes are, but his rise to popularity goes some way to explaining it. Before Jiang opened the current store, a remarkable scene could be witnessed on Pinghai Road every day. At around 10:30pm each night, half an hour before the tricycle arrived, dozens of people were already forming a line in anticipation of Jiang and his food. Customers' comments were largely spread online, leading to a swarm of more diners whose number far exceeded the booth's capacity. This surge in popularity made the chance to get some scallops more rare. In May, Jiang started his microblog (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) and today it has more than 4,000 followers. Three weeks ago, Jiang opened his first store on Kaixuan Road, which operates from 7pm to 3am, and every day a line of people forms outside even before the store has opened. As a result, we have some special advice for those keen to sample Jiang's famous scallops - bring some water and a fan as you could be waiting for one hour.