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The Eatery

Add:2/F, Four Points by Sheraton Hangzhou, Binjiang, 868 Dongxin Avenue

Tel:0571 2887 8888

Time:6:30am - 10:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


We have to admit that we often neglect areas outside of the city center. Yes, we do occasionally get out to the west side, but rarely do we ever get to Binjiang, Xiaoshan, or even the CBD, so it was with great pleasure that we received a notice from the Four Points Sheraton, stating they were starting up a new and dynamic buffet. So on a normal Thursday night we ventured out to Binjiang to see what they had in store for us. Can you say lobster, lobster, and more lobster? How they were able to keep the price so low is beyond us, considering that nearly everyone was coming away from the thoughtfully laid out buffet with at least one half of a baby lobster. We even saw some people indulging with multiple lobsters (whole ones, not just the tails) stacked high on their plates.

Though the lobster is definitely the highlight of the evening, it’d the little things that make this buffet such a delight. Not to be overlooked is the Thai-style Shrimp Salad, which is located in the salad section along with delicious Raw Tuna Pieces. The humungous King Prawns were grilled to perfection, and rivaled the lobster in popularity, but that’s not the end. They also have a decent selection of cheeses, grilled goose liver, hairy crab, soups, and plenty of different kinds of freshly cooked meats.

Though we were more than tempted to get one of their scrumptious looking cakes, we decided to fill up our bowls with plenty of Haagen Dazs ice cream instead. With all of their offerings in mind, we feel as if a trip out to Binjiang for this dinner buffet (239RMB+15%/person) is more than worth it, especially if you haven’t been out to the romantic river in some time. This part of town is really taking off, and getting there takes much less time than anyone thought.