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Provence French Restaurant

Add:1 Baishaquan, Shuguang Road

Tel:0571 8797 6115

Time:11am - 10:30pm


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


This restaurant sits in its own building surrounded by trees and shrubs, and there is a great looking terrace to sit out. Inside, the décor is pretty modern with clean lines and high-backed chairs in suede and lots of dark wood. The owners obviously like their drink as the bar is central to the downstairs space, and tucked behind is a cluster of high tables where black t-shirted staff rush you your before dinner Planter's Punch cocktail as you look through the menu and wine list.

The central concept of Provence is uncomplicated food made with the freshest ingredients. With this in mind, dishes will change depending on what is available fresh, and so while one waitress shows you the menu, another brings a chalk blackboard with another current selection of foods. Choosing from both menus, we went for snails, a salad and some soup. The snails came still sizzling in butter and garlic on their own special serving dish. The tender chicken liver on the Salad Lyonnais was cooked perfectly, and while it was a medium salad, all the bacon and poached eggs came piled high on the mixed leaves. The steak, cooked bleu and served over butter-fried potatoes and mushrooms, is definitely something to write home about. Over the table was a slice of Quiche and a savoury Crêpe packed with egg and ham. Definitely leave some space for dessert. The Crème Br?lée has a wonderful smell of tangerine, and the Chocolate Fondant is just the way it should be