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Lotus Cafe

Add:41 Zheda Road


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The Lotus Café, located right on the Zheda Road about 100 meters walk from the university’s front door is owned by two Hangzhou housewives who used to live in Japan for years. The café offers Japanese style western food and is also decorated like a small and homely Japanese street coffee shop. Opened earlier in this year, the café is almost the most pricy in the campus area with lunch sets sold at 38 to 58 yuan, desserts at 28 to 48yuan and dinner sets at 45 to 58 yuan. But it also boasts for the high quality of the food thanks to the organic material and healthy ways of cooking. You can even take a look at the cooking process as all the breads and desserts are made on site. Lotus Café features a simple but thoughtful decoration with concrete floor and mixed furnishings. Quiet but tasteful background music including Ono Lisa, Nora Jones, the Beatles and some mild Japanese pop songs set the tone of the entire place. It is also a gathering place for Japanese learners on campus as various cultural exchange activities among Chinese and Japanese expats are organized in the café every week. Latest Japanese magazines on fashion and current affairs are also available in the café.