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He Cha Guan

Add:No. 15, Fayun Lane


Time:9am to 2am


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The location of a teahouse signifies its position in the industry, and the new branch of He Cha Guan, situated in the picturesque Fayun Village as a neighbor to Lingyin Temple and the prestigious five-star resort Aman Fayun, has no problem attracting customers. He Cha Guan is one of the earliest teahouses in the city, and its other branch is on Qiushi Road in the Huanglong Block, a commercial area. Both of the branches feature an antique business, as the owner Pang Yin is an antique collector, and her original intention to open the teahouse was because of her desire to share her collection with more people. Pang found herself in love with tea after opening her first teahouse in the late 1990s. To perfect her knowledge of tea, she visited tens of mountains with tea plantations in the country to learn about the nature of tea. She soon became an expert, who not only gives classes at a college but also designs tea sets and studies tea dessert menus. On the menu at her teahouse, milk cake goes with Dragon Well tea as it can emphasize the tea's delicacy and sweetness, and a Hangzhou local's rich-flavored butter cakes complement the strong taste of Dahongpao, an oolong tea. Meals are also served at He Cha Guan, but not according to any menu. All the dishes are cooked with the freshest local ingredients that the chef finds in the market each day.