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Yunhe Academy

Add:Fuyi Warehouse, No. 8, Xiawan Lane

Tel:0571-8819 2266


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Scholars gathering together at cultural places is a tradition among ancient Chinese literati, and Yunhe Academy frequently revives the customs via salons of tea, art, music, tai chi and reading. The teahouse situated in the Fuyi Warehouse at the bank of the Grand Canal is called an academy because it boasts more than 1,000 books, including many ancient ones, such as a rare set of thread-bound editions of "The Imperial Collection of Four" ("Siku uanshu").

It also looks like an ancient Chinese academy due to its quaint style and layout - there are rooms for reading, art and appreciating music, and of course for tea ceremonies. Tea can be sipped in these rooms and a corridor alongside a lovely garden. Every weekend, the teahouse invites musicians, artists and dietitians to give classes, and the entrance fee is from 30 yuan to 50 yuan. Sometimes, art exhibitions and small conferences are also held there.