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Original Song Gallery

Add:4/F,Bldg3, 731Hongxu Rd

Tel:021-6465 0045

Time:9:30am-5pm (Closed on Mondays)



Fax:021-6465 0048

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Original Song Gallery was established in January 2007, and has an exhibition area of 420 squared meters. The gallery focuses on collection of modern classic oil paintings, sculptures and photographs, as well as various other modern art works.

The name “Original Song” is derived from the English name “origin”, which can be understood as “Original Song.” As such, Original Song Gallery concentrates on that which they values - exploratory works of contemporary art that are innovative, experimental, and transformative,with a special language and with deep significance for our times.

The name “Original Song” is also a homophone taken from the Chinese  Yuan—dynasty poetry — from “Yuan Qu”,that  is the most valuable art exsiting outside of time,detached from earthly troubles, and trying to contain others, the spirit of a temperament of independence and of a pluralistic open-mind is ourpursuing.