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Zhejiang Xizi Hotel

Add:37 Nanshan Rd, Hangzhou

Tel:0571 8702 1888


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Located at the bank of the enchanting West Lake, Zhejiang Xizi Hotel, otherwise known as Wang's Villa, covers an area of more than 210 thousand square meters. Formerly named the Wang Yutai Temple, the hotel is situated at the foot of the hill that is famous for Leifeng Pagoda, neighboring the historical Jingci Temple on the south and commanding a good view of the Su Causeway, Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, South Peak, North Peak, Baochu Pagoda and so on. As for the hotel itself, with delicate pavilions, halls, chambers, towers, ponds and rockeries, the villa surpassed its counterparts with a unique oriental style.

Zhejiang Xizi Hotel was built in 1958 and since then, it began to accommodate leaders from the Central Government such as late Chairman Mao Zedong. It was opened to the public in 1979 and has received leaders from foreign countries, important international tourist teams and has become a vital place for local administrative activities. The hotel can provide over 200 rooms of different styles and standards, with first-class conference halls, banquet halls, chambers and recreation centers. Awarded the honor of one of the Ten Best Hotels in 1995 and the Best International Hotel in 1997. Xizi Hotel, a bright pearl in the West Lake,Will surely shine more brilliantly than ever.