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Zhejiang Hotel

Add:278 Santaishan Rd

Tel:0571-8718 0808


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Room start at 759RMB.886RMB for weekends and holidays.

Zhejiang Hotel is ideally located on Santaishan Road with 20 hectares of area. Its design is full of oriental charm and traditional Chinese culture. The thousands of years` passion for hills and waters is given the elements of modern internationalization. Zhejiang Hotel has been nearly 40 years old and developed as a five-star standard hotel with the process of “Westerned West Lake”Program. There are many places of interest near the West Lake in the walking distance to the hotel such as Lingyin Temple, Yue`s Temple, Dragon Well, Tiger Spring and Leifeng Pagoda, etc..Water, hills, trees and grasses are blended in perfect harmony, which makes the hotel an ideal garden hotel for vacation and leisure by the West Lake.

There are 333 guest rooms and kinds of several restaurants and bars in Zhejiang Hotel. Romantic views and greens, elegant atmosphere, courtesy service and the experience of back to nature, will make your travel and stay a graceful legend in Hangzhou.