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Jinjiang Amusement Park

Add:201 Hongmei Rd

Tel:021-6437 0000

Time:8:45am - 5pm (extends to10pm during summer)


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When it first opened in 1984, Jinjiang Amusement Park became extremely popular as it had the first roller coaster in Shanghai. It is one of the most complete modern amusement parks in the city. For the past 25 years, it has continued to add new facilities such as a water ride, tower ride and two-tiered merry-go-rounds.
Jinjiang has imported a new motorcycle roller coaster, which attracted thousands of visitors. It is currently the most popular ride in the park and often the only one that visitors have to queue for.

The Motorbike Coaster imported from Italy cost more than 30 million yuan (US$439 million) and is the only motorbike coaster in Asia It can sprint to 65 kilometers an hour from a standing start within two seconds. The track is 364 meters long and passengers can feel as if their knees are touching the ground in the curves
The other attraction is The Old Story in the Old Station It features China’s first railway, Shanghai’s first train station, the first China-made locomotive and a train compartment of the early 1950s. The project is also a salute to the 100th anniversary of Shanghai Railway Station.

The Ferris wheel, which is 98 meters wide and 108 meters high, is also one of the park’s major highlights and the tallest in the city. And the one-million-yuan facelift has added more energy-saving lights. These computer-controlled lights make different colors and patterns to make the wheel resemble a huge sunflower. The wheel has a capacity of 1,260 riders and a circuit takes 25 minutes.

Other attractions include the traditional pirate ship, bumper cars, a haunted house and so on. However, due to its small size, most facilities are smaller than usual. In recent years, it has become an attractive place for many newly married couples to take their wedding pictures.