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Mammamia Pizzeria

Add:Glass house at Xingzhou Street, Hubin Avenue, SIP

Tel:0512-6272 9800


Mamamia Pizzeria is a genuine Italian restaurant where all the bricks are from Napoli, Italy - the hometown of Pizza. It is a pleasant experience to eat pizza while enjoying the sunshine in Mamamia's glass huts.


"My son was 13 when he told me: -Papà, I miss Napoli, can you please bring me to a real Pizzeria?- Therefore, in 2010, I opened the first mammamia! on the Suzhou lake. Now, we have 7 of them and in each mammamia! you open the door to the flavour and atmosphere of a passionate family business: Napoli's culture, with its sounds, colors, tradition and irony, welcomes you.”Mammamia! is a trip to and through Italy, delivering a thorough experience of the Italian Culture. We make our Chinese customers feel Italian by recreating the smells, the atmosphere and the food ;Stefano Micillo& Daniela Coppola family, owners;


Neapolitan pizza cooked with wooden oven and Neapolitan and Italian traditional cuisine make it with raw ingredients imported from Italy.