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Add:At the confluence of Suzhou Creek and Huangpu River


Waitanyuan refers to a 16.4-hectare area where the Suzhou Creek joins the Huangpu River. It borders the Huangpu River in the east, Sichuan Rd M. in the west, the Suzhou Creek in the north and Dianchi Rd in the south.

There are numerous Western-style buildings in Waitanyuan, meaning “Origin of the Bund” in Chinese. They were built from 1920 to 1936. From here, European and Art Deco buildings were built one after another southward and gradually formed the city’s famous waterfront avenue, the Bund, which is dubbed “Museum of International Architecture.”

Modern Shanghai starts from Waitanyuan. China’s modern banking and commerce also trace their roots to Waitanyuan. Today, 14 historical buildings have been preserved to offer a glimpse into the past.