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Guixiangcun Food Store

Add:178 Dongbei Street, Suzhou

Tel:0512-6751 5998


Tourists wanting to take Suzhou-style "gao" home with them queue up in places like Huangtianyuan, a nationally known food store in the city, to buy machine-made, vacuum-packed cakes.
But locals prefer to buy "gao" that is freshly hand made in places like Guixiangcun. It's a small shop with a pastry kitchen that turns out various varieties of cakes, especially the traditional "dafang gao", which is square, white cake made of rice, with a sweet or savory filling steamed in the early morning during spring and autumn seasons. Its crust is soft and fluffy, while the filling is fresh and silky. Six different kinds of fillings are available: mint, red bean paste, black sesame seed, rose, "baiguo" (a mixture of seasonal fruits and nuts), and meat.