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Old Suzhou restaurant

Add:658 Shiquan Street (opposite Garden Hotel)

Tel:(0512) 6529 1988


It’s hard to pick out just one restaurant in Suzhou that exemplifies the best of local cuisine. Some aficionados would nominate Song He Lou or De Yue Lou, two very well-known restaurants.
But many local gastronomes will insist that Old Suzhou is the best of them all, not only for its dishes but also for its reasonable prices.
The restaurant, initially opened by celebrated local foodie Lu Wenfu, is located downtown, surrounded by charming residential streets and numerous pubs. It’s quite easy to get find. A traditional, cozy interior greets customers with an immediate sense of welcome.

Recommendations: Signature dishes of Suzhou cuisine such as Sautéed Shelled Shrimp and Stir-fried Shredded Eel with Hot Oil are truly authentic. Also recommendable is its superb Pork Balls with Crab Meat. A good meal in the restaurant costs only 60 yuan to 70 yuan per person.