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Wu Men Ren Jia

Add:31 Panru Lane, Yuanlin Road, Suzhou

Tel:0512-6728 8041


Wu Men Ren Jia is a fine dining restaurant featuring recipes created during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), including the favorite dishes of the Emperor Qianlong.
In the Forbidden City in Beijing, Emperor Qianlong greeted distinguished guests with a set menu called suyan (苏宴). It was a complex series of dishes, ranging from starters to desserts, and was originally created to impress the picky palates of Suzhou nobility. Master chefs were asked to improve the flavor and texture of classic Suzhou dishes without destroying their original essence.
The old recipes, which fell by the wayside during the Cultural Revolution, have been revived by Sha Peizhi, owner of Wu Men Ren Jia.