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Sinan Mansions

Add:55 Sinan Rd, near Fuxing Road M.


Sinan Mansions built around 1920 have been renovated to preserve the 51 Western-style garden houses in downtown Shanghai, each different in design and standing alongside other old buildings and modern apartments.

Wandering in the block of Sinan Mansions, visitors feel like walking through a living museum of world architecture, including East-meets-West designs and Art Deco style.

The block covers an area of 50,000 square meters with 78,800 square meters of built-up area, including nearly 30,000 square meters in the 51 old houses, 27,000 square meters in new buildings, and 22,000 square meters in underground space.

Sinan Mansions are now divided into four areas -- Hotel Massenet, a F&B and retail street, luxury condos and corporate villas. It boasts a unique combination of scenery, culture, history and fashion. The block was once home to some of the most famous people in Chinese history.

Sinan Mansions is a new fashion and lifestyle hub away from the crowded Xintiandi near Huaihai Road.