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Shaoxing Restaurant (Longhua Rd W. branch)

Add:1 Longhua Rd W.

Tel:021-6457 7677


Cuisine: Shaoxing, Ningbo, Shanghai, Cantonese

Ambience: Lavishly decorated with a big dining hall on the second floor, marble stairway; dozens of private rooms. The renowned restaurant has five branches. This one used to be the old terminal of Longhua Airport and it can be spotted from blocks away. Suitable for wedding banquets.

Who to invite: Guests for business or banquets.

Pros: Nice for formal banquets or meals. Instead of using menus, diners order from samples labeled in both Chinese and English. Diners can choose their fresh seafood from fish tanks on the first floor and tell the chef how they want it prepared.

Cons: Since it serves various cuisines, it's not neccessarily the place to go for Shaoxing fare.

Recommended: Drunken shrimp (zui xia 醉蟹) made with black tiger shrimp are chewy and a bit glutinous. Fried shrimp balls stuffed with preserved vegetables (mei gan cai xia qiu 梅干菜虾球) is a specialty; the vegetables enrich the savory taste and aroma of the shrimp balls.

Don't order: Those who do not like stinky food should definitely not order steamed stinky dishes. The odor is unbearable for many people.

Drinks: Wine, distilled liquor, rice wine, soft drinks

Cost: 100 yuan per person, not including drinks.