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FAC Essential Oil and Cosmetics Store

Add:26 Qiaoxizhi Street

Tel:0571-8819 6015


FAC stands for flower and clover, and is a chain that provides essential oils and other cosmetics imported from France. The store on Qiaoxizhi Street is also a place that trains aromatherapy professionals.

Walking into the small shop, visitors will be impressed by the natural aroma from all kinds of essential oils displayed on shelves.

Staff there can "prescribe" different mixed essential oil to each customer, and essential oil cream and toner are available - all without preservatives, so they need to be used up in three months.

Flower teas are also on offer for less than 30 yuan per pot. Each type of tea has its own function, such as skin lightening, weight loss and providing relief from heat.

The second floor of the store is the aromatherapy training center, one of only a handful on the China's mainland, and is hosting public lectures from this weekend.

Founder Fang Junping is the first man from China's mainland to become a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapy.