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Qing Yu Tang

Add:Dajing Lane 95

Tel:0571-8791 5816


Located at the west end of Dajing Lane is this famous pharmacy established in 1874 by Hu Xueyan, a famous official and herb merchant in the late Qing Dynasty.

The building also houses a working museum devoted to traditional Chinese medicine. The exhibition hall introduces the history and development of Chinese medicine; at the Chinese health care clinic doctors offer traditional care; prescriptions are obtained from the medicine preparation hall, where visitors can watch staff make pills and medicines; the restaurant offers dishes appropriate for different seasons; and at the sales department visitors can buy products made in the museum.

Opposite is Hu Qing Yu Tang Clinic where people can visit a TCM doctor, and east of the clinic is the Baoda Ginseng Pharmacy, now attached to Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy, which sells TCM herbs.