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Xiyuan Temple

Add:8 Xiyuan Long, Jinchang, Suzhou

Tel:0512-6531 3361

Time:7:30am to 5pm


Covering an area of 6,475 square meters, the West Garden Temple features a Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) classical garden surrounding a temple compound. It is the largest temple in Suzhou, and blends temple and garden art perfectly.

The scenic spots in the West Garden Temple are arranged along a north-south axis within the grounds. The Jingang, Arhat, and Guanyin Temples stand together inside the complex, each having a hall dedicated to the worship of the respective gods housed there. The Arhat Temple, constructed at the end of the Ming Dynasty, hosts statues of 500 arhats, each one unique. It is the only temple of its kind in the region.

Since 1949, the People’s Republic of China has subsidized several expansions of West Garden Temple. The extensions have added many new scenic spots to the compound, making it a truly impressive place to visit.