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Pingjiang Ancient Street

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Located to the east of Guanqian Street and south of Humble Administrator's Garden, Pingjiang Ancient Street has received an honorable mention from UNESCO in 2005 when it took the Asia Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Pingjiang Ancient Street is a stone route with a river flowing next to it. Typical scenes on the street include houses with white walls and black roofs, elderly people walking about leisurely and locals chit-chatting about daily events. There are many well-preserved houses, temples and bridges built in either the Ming or Qing dynasties. Suzhou culture and folk handicrafts can also be found. Near Ligeng Hall, a gallery, café, and club house add a touch of modern conveniences on the peaceful street.

When it rains, the black tiles have traces of the white walls, which look like a Chinese ink-and-water painting. People often joke that they can’t distinguish whether they are enjoying the painting or in the painting.