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Cafe Pillow

Add:Dongtaiping Lane 3

Tel:1805 8765 020


The name of this cafe reveals the owner's wish - to make the place as comfortable as a pillow - and over the years Cafe Pillow has created a reputation for doing just that.

One year ago, it moved from Laodong Road to Dongtaiping Lane, between Gaoyin Street and Hefang Street, creating a tranquil space among the surrounding bustle.

The owner appears to have taken inspiration from Japanese modern cafes. At the gate carp banners "swim" in the breeze, while a small, plant-filled garden offers a green haven.

The interior of the cafe is simple, featuring book shelves against white walls, pillows placed on sofas and postcards and photographs on shelves. At the entrance, books are for sale - mostly travel and cookbooks, many in Japanese.

The food deserves a mention, especially the desserts and cakes. Though slightly expensive, they are worth the cost due to the fresh ingredients and yummy taste.

Every Saturday, there is a small flea market where people can buy, sell and exchange knick-knacks.