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Darco Porcelain

Add:107 Zhongshan Rd M.

Tel:0571-8791 0956


The shop is filled with porcelain of all kinds, from exquisitely fashioned teapots to more durable, brightly colored garden stools.

Pickle jars, salt containers, wine pots, Western tableware and many crafts are on offer. The porcelains range from 30 yuan (US$4.70) to 1,000 yuan.

There's plenty of blue and white porcelain.

Some porcelains come from Jingdezhen, "China's porcelain capital" in Jiangxi Province, and from Yixing, famous for zisha, purple clay teapots from Jiangsu Province.

Brands such as Rose & Roman and Hankook are imported.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164