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Bianfumao Cloth Shoes Store

Add:338 Zhongshan Rd M.


Traditional Chinese cloth shoes are for everybody in every season. Made of sturdy cotton, silk and velvet, the shoes can be dressy or casual.

Cloth shoes have been popular for centuries in China as they fit any type of foot because they simply take the shape of the foot they are on while the little strap makes the foot look smaller.

The shoes are also very comfortable.

Bianfumao Cloth Shoes Store is one of the best brands for the type of shoes. It opened in 1845 and quickly became popular because it used all new cloth to make shoes (many shops used recycled cloth).

Even in modern times after leather and other kinds of Western shoes flooded the market, the store has remained. It has made shoes for famous people including late Chairman Mao Zedong, former Premier Zhou Enlai and Peking Opera masters Mei Lanfang and Gai Jiaotian.

Today, the store also sells canvas and sports shoes.

Traditional women's cloth shoes cost 50 yuan (US$7.85) to 100 yuan, while men's cloth shoes (also called kung fu shoes) are sold from 150 yuan to 500 yuan because they are all handmade.