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Kui Yuan Guan Noodle Restaurant

Add:154 Jiefang Rd

Tel:0571-8702 9012


At the crossing of Jiefang Road and Zhongshan Road M., Kui Yuan Guan dubbed the "Noodle King of Southern China" was founded in 1867. It is a legendary establishment in the catering industry. For more than 100 years it has always been jammed during meal times.

The story goes that it wasn't busy when it first opened, but one day a student, who came to Hangzhou for a provincial imperial examination, ordered a bowl of noodles in the restaurant and changed its fate.

He stepped into the store, seemingly poor and with little confidence. Out of sympathy, the shopkeeper threw three eggs into the noodles for good luck. Each egg represented one of the three exams to be taken.

The student recorded the best test score and became a government official. He subsequently returned to the shop and inscribed the name Kui Yuan Guan on the restaurant, referring to the eggs that helped him to be a zhuangyuan (状元, No. 1 in the imperial examination).

The moniker attracted many future exam participants and people also came for the great-tasting Hangzhou-style noodles such as Pian'er Chuan (片儿川, bamboo shoot and pork noodle), and Fried Shrimp and Eel Noodle.

A bowl of noodles costs from 16 yuan to 388 yuan. Other dishes are also on the menu. It's always busy during meal times so it's best to arrive a little early to get a seat without having to wait.