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Pang's Time

Add:303 Zhongshan Rd M.


This 10-square-meter store that repairs clocks and watches was built in 1894. It is the only store that has never been moved along the street.

Look around the shelves and see a German clock that is more than 100 years old and other old clocks from Europe. They are part of the owner's clock collection and are not for sale. The shop only repairs clocks and watches, especially antique ones.

Pang Jiande, the owner, is the great-grandson of Pang Ziren, who bought the two-floor building to make as his home and store. Pang Jiande is one of few people in the country today capable of repairing antique clocks and watches.

However, the capable man is not having much success taking the business forward.

"I can't find an apprentice," Pang Jiande tells Shanghai Daily. "To be a repairman of antique clocks and watches, one needs to be smart and patient, but why would a smart and patient person do the job considering the low payment?"

Pang says the business is not doing well. He says he would be pleased if his son, now in elementary school, one day wants to take over the business, but adds he would not force him to be his successor.