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Good Food

Add: 17 Yuping Rd S., near Zhongshan Rd W.

Tel:021-6228 7888


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Cuisine: Anxi County style (泉州安溪菜)

Ambiance: Open for three years, this two-story restaurant is neatly, if plainly, decorated. There is a spacious dining room on the first floor and eight private rooms on the second. The largest can hold 14 people and the smallest, eight. If you want to dine in a private room, reservation is highly recommended. With songs from southern Fujian as the background music, Good Food creates a cozy and casual Fujian-style atmosphere.

Who to invite: Lots of family or dozens of friends.

Pros: The chef, from Anxi, has brought authentic Quanzhou-style dishes - characterized by light, non-greasy flavors. Good Food attracts many Fujian natives living in Shanghai.

Many ingredients are sourced in Fujian - such as the Fujian black-haired pigs (黑毛猪) and Guanqiao dried tofu (官桥豆干) from Anxi. Good Food also serves Shanghai-style dishes.

Cons: There is no English service, though there are pictures in the menu. Prices are reasonable but entrees are typically too large, even for two. While Good Food is ideal for a family reunion or casual friends gathering, it's not really suitable for formal business lunches or dinners.

Recommended: Quanzhou overcooked noodles (泉州面线糊) are a must. The fresh and tasty noodles are simmered with oysters, duck blood and pig intestines, and then coriander is added. The dish - enough for three or four people - costs 22 yuan (US$3.49).

Mashed garlic sweet potato leaves (蒜泥地瓜你) is a distinctive dish, tasting like amaranthus, or Chinese spinach.

Fried oyster and five fragrance rolls (五香卷) are worth trying. Fujian people are also fond of soup and here more than 10 varieties are available.

Don't order: The bouncy meat balls (弹力丸) fails the elasticity test; they're not as chewy as they should be.

Drinks: Free with top-up or Tie Guanyin tea from Anxi.

Cost: About 60 yuan (US$9.5) per person

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