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Ronggang Seafood Restaurant (Xuhui Branch)

Add:2588 Kaixuan Rd

Tel:021-6439 6999

Time:11am-2:30pm; 5-9:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted


Cuisine: Fuzhou style (福州菜)

Ambience: Decorated in an opulent European style with crystal chandeliers and Western oil paintings, this restaurant in Xuhui District has been open for a year.

It has many private rooms; the biggest room can hold around 18 people and they all have good sound insulation. If you dine at its main hall at peak times, it can be noisy.

Who to invite: Business partners and clients, family and friends.

Pros: Like many seafood restaurants, instead of a menu, Ronggang has its uncooked seafood on display, all clearly priced. It has a wide menu, all at reasonable prices.

Cons: Ronggang charges each diner at the main hall 3 yuan for tea and 5 or 6 yuan in private rooms.

Though Ronggang has a Fujian manager, its main specialty is Guangdong cuisine, and its chefs are from there. While there are models of dishes on display, there is no English menu.

Recommended: Obviously, seafood is a must-try here, especially the big mussels (大淡菜) and razor clams (蛏子), which are bigger than standard ones. Try the pan-fried mussels with soy sauce, and savor the delicious, fresh taste.

Fish dumpling with soup (清汤鱼饺), a representative Fuzhou dish, is renowned for its thin fish skin and thick minced meat. Ronggang's is pretty close to authentic.

Reasonably priced special dishes are always on offer, for example, sautéed shelled shrimps (清炒虾仁) for two people costs 9 yuan.

Don't order: Although representative of Fuzhou cuisine, the handmade fish balls filled with minced meat (福州手工大鱼丸) and fo tiao qiang are not exceptional.

Drinks: Try corn juice (玉米汁, 18 yuan), black kernelled rice juice (黑米汁, 16 yuan) or red jujube juice (红枣汁, 16 yuan). All are freshly made and healthy choices.

Cost: Around 150 yuan (US$24) per person