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Amoy Restaurant

Add:128 Kunshan Rd

Tel:1356 4455 989



Cuisine: Xiamen style (厦门小吃)

Ambience: A newly opened snack bar on Kunshan Road - a short, narrow but busy street full of places to eat and drink, including barbecue stalls and milk tea shops. Decorated with blue-and-white bricks, the 20-square-meter eatery looks bright and quiet, almost making you feel that you are dining on scenic Gulangyu Islet, part of Fujian's Xiamen City.

Ordering won't prove stressful either, as photographs of all the dishes are hung on the wall. So just point away.

However, it can get busy as Amoy has only four tables, each seating four. It's frequently crowded during lunchtime and diners often have to wait. Afternoons and nights are quieter.

Who to invite: Boyfriend/girlfriend or friends

Pros: The small restaurant, owned by a young Xiamem native, serves authentic Xiamen snacks - and quickly too.

Cons: No English service, though the menu is in both Chinese and English. Credit cards are not accepted. There's no parking nearby, so if you drive there, leave your car on the street and keep an eye out for traffic police as you munch on your Xiamen goodies.

Recommended: Sha cha noodles, fried five fragrance (炸五香) and fried oysters are representative Xiamen snacks. The first two are especially recommended.

Adding fried bean curd, bean sprout and greens, traditional sha cha noodles are boiled with barbecue sauce. There are various varieties served here, and you can order meatballs, pig's liver, cuttlefish balls or fried pork.

fried five fragrance is another must. It's a fried bean curd stick with minced meat and vegetables inside; crisp and delicious.

Don't order: If you're not a big seafood fan, avoid the fried oysters as they can be a little too fishy.

Drinks: Try the stewed winter melon tea (冬瓜茶) and lemon tea. Winter melon tea is a little sweeter, and tastes better when adding some ice.

Costs: About 25 yuan (US$4) per person