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Kim's 818

Add:818 Julu Rd

Tel:1502 6759 398



Since opening on October 2012, this eclectic fashion store has been a creative outlet for owners Kim Jong-gil and He Feng. Dividing their time between Shanghai and Seoul, the couple have filled the store with the latest Korean fashions. New lines arrive every week, ensuring that they stay in-tune with the latest tastes. What makes the store different from the other hip boutiques on Julu Road are its homemade accessories and items that reflect the couple's creativity. Customers will be surprised to discover that the store's cute selection of shoes are designed and handcrafted by Feng. These are available for around 1,300 yuan (US$208). While the store only carries one size, customized orders are taken. Kim, who works in architectural design, also chips in. His funky designs are embroidered onto vintage Levi jackets. There's a fun independent vibe to the store, with the products reflecting the owners' unique tastes. Among accessories stocked are antique British brooches, which the owners say are between 300 and 700 years old; cute and cutting-edge Korean jewelry; and elegant traditional Korean jewelry boxes.