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New Jiangwan Town SMP Skatepark

Add:2100, Songhu Rd

Tel:021-6044 8876




The SMP Skatepark runs over 150 meters in length and in places is up to 85m wide, totalling over 13,700 square meters of permanent rideable terrain. It's also one of the world's largest extreme sports facilities.

Key features of the park include the massive Mondo Bowl that has a 20m long full pipe and a 50m wide vert ramp. Within the main central skate park space there is over 7,400 square meters of bowl and park terrain with an additional 2,000sqm competition area.

To the sides of the skatepark proper, over 4,000sqm of skateable Chinese granite pavement provides seating terraces, access ways, shaded viewing zones and a multitude of street skating opportunities.

The construction management team members flew over from Australia during the building of the massive park and worked with locals to ensure the park met the highest quality standards required for a skate park of this kind and size.

This integrated landscape design approach by the team has ensured the skatepark complements the adjacent sports centre and surrounding lakeside environment, both as a significant active facility and visually dynamic designed space.

The park has facilities for beginners as well as world-class athletes.

Every year it hosts international skateboard and extreme sports competitions.

Many children and young people visit the park on weekends. Roller skates and BMX bikes are available at the park, which has a 42-meter-long, 6-meter-high U-shaped half-pipe.

Regular players can buy annual memberships.

Transportation: Take Metro Line 10, get off at New Jiangwan Town and take a shuttle bus.

Yearly admission: 980/person
Monthly admission: 300/person
Admission: 50/person