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Pangzi Tailor Studio

Add:133 Wulin Rd


This studio hidden in an old residential building is rather plain, but has many loyal customers including some local celebrities.

Customers say owner Shi Guomin can solve problems other tailors cannot. Shi has a reputation for being able to alter common clothes to make them look like a famous luxury brand.

Shi has run the studio for 18 years. He has altered everything from jeans and suits to leather jackets. He says his skill is simply based on experience.

His prices are based on how long it takes, not on the brands. It costs 5 yuan to alter the length of trousers but 400 yuan to 500 yuan to change men's clothes into something more feminine.

Over the years he has altered clothes made by Burberry, Versace and other luxury bands. Although he works with luxurious clothes every day, Shi maintains his own philosophy about clothes.

"Simple, comfortable and cost-effective are the elements I like best," he says.