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Peacock Nest

Add:7-2 Longyou Rd


If you think the souvenirs found in the City God Temple in Shanghai and Hefang Street in Hangzhou are ordinary, check out Peacock Nest. This shop sells ethnic accessories and clothes on Longyou Road, a side street of Wulin Road.

Here you will find 50-centimeter-long earrings, silver necklaces that cover your entire chest and berets embroidered with a dragon and phoenix.

Peacock Nest was founded by Yang Liping, one of the country's most famous ethnic dancers who is nicknamed "Peacock Princess," and there are stores around the country. The store on Longyou Road is owned by Hei Zi, a fashion and accessory designer from Wa ethnic minority. Hei is one of Peacock Nest's main designers.

Many ornaments designed by Hei feature bits of antique beads and metal, bright ribbons, bone, horn and big tassels. Hei recombines materials in special ways, many conveying a message.

The store also sells bright-colored clothing with silver or other metal accessories. The designs have a clear ethnic minority look and feel, but are nonetheless different.