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Add:230 Wulin Rd


Pankou is easy to miss as it is in a residential building. The shop has many repeat customers since its reputation for cheongsams has spread by word of mouth.

Owner Qin Ke, a former rock 'n roll singer, studied fashion design in Shanghai.

She loves cheongsams, or qipao, but wanted to do something a little different. Now she makes them looser, uses cotton and linen instead of silk and sticks to mostly solid colors rather than elaborate patterns.

Qin says this kind of cheongsam matches the original style of the early 20th century, when Chinese woman were more conservative and did not dress sexy.

She seldom designs long cheongsams because she likes to see women mix and match her cheongsams with jeans and other clothing.

The small store has developed a strong reputation among local women who like the style as well as Qin's tailoring skills.

As stated above, the shop is tricky to find. The shop's name, Pankou, can be found on a small, faded blue sign.