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Easy Plus Variety Shop

Add:9 Changhua Rd


Providing creative home furnishings and daily commodities, Easy Plus Variety Shop sprung up after the local government announced its plan to turn the city into the country's cultural and creative industry center.

The two-floor shop is on Changhua Road, a side street of Wulin Road, and it sells clothing, bags and furnishings from lights to vases and trays.

The items are either designed by Easy Plus Studio or purchased from designer brands such as Dulton, Do and Rosti.

Easy Plus is owned by interior designer Sun Yun and his wife Yue Dongfang, a writer and cartoonist. Sun designed the interior of Alibaba Group's officein Hangzhou.

Some items may make people wonder what they are or what they are for. For example, a beer bottle with its neck cut off is a vase; a container shaped like a flower is to hold a remote control; and a piece of wood in an X-shape is a coaster. Of course, the items can be used for other things depending on the whims and imagination of the owner.