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102 Studio

Add:102 Kaiyuan Rd


The studio's name is based on its address. It is a private painting studio, not a gallery. The owner Xue Ying is a 58-year-old painter from Zhejiang Kaiming Art Academy, a community which promotes the development of art.

Xue's father was a calligrapher and her mother a traditional opera actress. She began to learn painting during her childhood, including traditional ink and oil painting techniques. After decades of painting, she decided to focus on oil painting.

The house at 102 Kaiyuan Road belongs to Xue's father. Ten years ago, she moved her studio here and she often hosts art salons.

Xue said some of the works were painted in Xixi Wetland, a place she loves. She doesn't just copy what she sees at the wetland, rather she prefers to blend an imagined Xixi with real aspects.

All of her works are well framed and for sale.

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