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Han Shumai

Add:45 Kaiyuan Rd


Han Shumai is at the entrance to Yongjinmen Residential Community. The food stall is only open from 8pm to midnight.

Several months ago, a customer posted a picture of Han Shumai on his microblog and described how wonderful the food was. It immediately attracted lots of locals, helping Han Shumai shoot to fame on the Internet. Now Han Shumai is busier than usual every night.

The shumai (pork dumplings) stuffing is pork with bamboo shoots, a recipe handed down from the stall owner's predecessors.

A dish of 10 shumai is 10 yuan (US$1.5). A bowl of beef soup or bone soup (4 yuan each) is recommended with shumai.

Since Han Shumai's fame has risen, the owner has not been able to meet demand. Thus, people have started arriving earlier before they are sold out.