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Xie Sheng Lou

Add:105, Yu Jia Deng Huo, Ma'anshan Rd W.

Tel:0512-5789 8338


The house, located in Yu Jia Deng Huo, provides tasty and fresh price-friendly fare. And diners can expect warm, friendly service from owner Zhang Longgen. The crabs come in small, medium and large sizes - with prices from 48 yuan to 98 yuan.

Zhang is happy to recommend dishes and is good at pairing food according to the number of diners, budget, the season and nutritional balance. Greens and vegetables are homegrown while all river produce comes from Yangcheng Lake.

In addition to hairy crabs, deep-fried yellow croaker and boiled water caltrop are recommended as appetizers.

These can be followed with braised river snail with chili and boiled river shrimp with scallion. Stir-fried celery with bean curd are also popular.

The simple, aromatic and rich chicken soup is also recommended. And a better way to end the meal is Zhang's homemade pumpkin congee, which is fruity and sweet.

Zhang often prepares small souvenirs for customers, usually some freshly picked native fruit and vegetables, for example, a bunch of tian luo su (田萝粟), a local produce with the sugar cane-like flavor and texture.

How to get there: Take Huning Expressway and get off at Yangcheng Lake Exit

Average cost: 100 yuan