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Xiao Lu Crab House

Add:30, Lotus Island, Xiangcheng District



This crab house on Lotus Island includes a garden for outdoor dining, so diners can sample hairy crabs while taking in the lake view and fresh air.

Owner Xiao Lu (young Lu) arranges various island entertainment for customers free of charge, from fishing and boat trips to picking radishes and sweet potatoes.

The size of the hairy crab ranges from 2 to 4.5 taels. Also on the menu are bai shui yu (white freshwater fish 白水鱼), bian yu (freshwater bream 鳊鱼) and river eel. The large portions are suitable for families.

"I recommend that customers reserve a table and make their order two or three days in advance. All the vegetables are freshly picked, so I need time preparing ingredients," explains Lu.

How to get there: Take Huning Expressway and transfer to S5 Expressway and get off at Lotus Island Exit

Average cost: 150 yuan