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The Spice

Tel:021-6217 9151

Time:11:30am-2pm (lunch), 5:30pm-10pm (dinner)

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The 800 Show Creative Industry Park complex is filling up with cute coffee shops and classy wine bars but this Thai restaurant immediately catches the eye. Boasting a diverse menu that is heavy on northern Thai favorites like Thai prawn curry and other popular Thai dishes like Pad Thai, beef salad and steamed fish, The Spice is constantly packed. "Reservations are required," confirmed manager Anil Rajin. "On weekends, you should call a day in advance and during the week, call in the morning." With such demand, it would be natural for The Spice to open more branches but Rajin explained that, "we are focused on being a quality business, not a volume business." Rather than open a new spot, The Spice has opened an extension. The chic additional space includes tables spread further apart and plush seating. Both parts of the restaurant serve the same menu, with dinner dishes ranging from 100 yuan (US$16) to 120 yuan per person. A lunch set costs 68 yuan for a curry dish with an appetizer, soup and salad.