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Yan Bo Zhi Shuang Ge

Add:C2, 800 Changde Rd

Tel:021-6258 5578



Next to The Spice's new extension is this unique shop that specializes in a variety of luxurious items. From the outside, Yan Bo Zhi Shuang Ge looks like it specializes the odd combination of expensive pipes and French wines. However, walking around the store's two floors reveals items ranging from Japanese teapots to Middle Eastern rugs to ancient military wear. Separated into sections similar to a museum, each part of the store focuses on a specialty item. It's the perfect place to accessorize your home if you are able to afford such items as an ornate Buddhist shrine. "Our biggest sellers are the pipes and smoking accessories," said manager Alan Qian. With pipes ranging from 800 yuan (US$128) to 420,000 yuan, many goods are aimed at high rollers.