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ifa Gallery

Add:621 Changde Rd

Tel:021-6256 0835

Time:10am-7pm (Tuesday to Sunday)




Since opening in 2006, the ifa Gallery has been devoted to showcasing the best of the Chinese contemporary art scene. While initially located in Shanghai's artistic hotbed, M50, the gallery has been in its Changde Road site for the past four years. Built in 1923 and once the home of a British Customs official, the space houses exhibitions that change every two months featuring contemporary artists living in China. "About 80 percent of what we show here are pieces that I would have in my collection if I could afford them," said director Alexis Kouzmine-Karav?eff. The gallery hosted early shows for artists like Liu Bolin who has gone on to have international success. This weekend, its latest show "My Country" opens. "I asked each artist to make an installation about their country," Kouzmine-Karavieff said. It features works from artists such as Latvia's Zane Mellupe, Germany's Roland Darjes and China's Gao Brothers.