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Pourquoi Pet Cafe

Add:3585 Yindu Rd, near Humin Highway

Tel:021-2428 8839

Time:Mon-Sat, 11:30am-9pm



Pourquoi Pet Cafe has a broad range of coffee and food in a very relaxing atmosphere. As its name indicates, Pourquoi also has a part of its space dedicated to pet apparel, food and other goods for companion animals. BEST FRIENDS CHINA is a non-profit animal welfare organization in Shanghai that holds its Adoption Days for dogs and cats at this Cafe the last Sunday of every month.

It is run by two young women from Taiwan who love animals. It has seats both indoors and outdoors and serves a variety of coffee and food in a relaxing and cozy environment. Pourquoi also devotes part of its space to pet food and pet supplies.