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Little Wine House

Add:209 Xinyifang St



Wine shops and wine bars have been opening in the past couple of years on Xinyifang Street and now there are around a dozen.

Little Wine House is one of the few that's open late, since the owners like to treat their friends from time to time. It's more like a comfortable room where people can relax, sip wine and read a book.

Xu Liming is the main shareholder and also runs a wine magazine Bacchus.

"With the increase in the number of wine stores in the country, Chinese people have more knowledge about wine and I hope I can change people who only know ganbei (bottoms up) into wine drinkers," he says.

Patrons can buy a bottle or drink wine by the glass. Staff is trained to help customers make a selection.

All the wines are imported from France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile and elsewhere. The price is inexpensive; the most inexpensive wine is 50 yuan (US$7.90) a bottle.