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Xinyifang Seafood Stall

Add:West end of Xinyifang St, intersection of Xinyifang and Moganshan streets



This is a large covered night market containing more than 20 food stalls. It can accommodate around 1,000 shoppers.

The seafood range is enormous, including all kinds of fish, crabs, prawns, shrimp, hairtail fish, oysters, claims, snails and other molluscs. They are mostly purchased from coastal Zhejiang areas, such as Zhoushan and Wenzhou. Everything is displayed on ice or in tanks and shoppers pick out their seafood and order it prepared any way they like. It's typically steamed, stir-fried or scalded, preserving the natural flavor.

Customers know what's in season and what's best to eat. For example, summer is the season to eat mussels that are juicy and fat; autumn is the season for swimming crabs (suozi xie 梭子蟹) that are accumulating roe and fat for the winter. Swimming crabs taste best in late autumn. Winter is the season when hairtail fish, a long thin kind of mackerel, gets fat and tender.