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Barter Store

Add:1/F, No.8 Mansion of Xinyifang St (west end of the street)



This is the first known barter store where people exchange second-hand goods in the city.

It displays a wide range of goods, everything from jade and jewelry to cosmetics and CDs. There's a lot of fashion and bags.

People are encouraged to leave their second-had goods at the store until they are sold on commission. Sellers are also encouraged to take payment in other goods, rather than cash.

Neighbors often stop by for a look after they have dinners.

The ages of sellers vary, but there are many women between 30 and 40 years old, says store manager Zhang Jian.

Fashion, handbags, jade items and daily use items are among the most commonly traded. Factories sometimes place unsold products in the store at low prices.

There‘s an online store (http://www.eeba.cn) that has around 10,000 members.