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Qian Jing Tea Store

Add:182 Xinyifang St

Time:Opens at noon, but closing hours vary


This is the only tea shop on the street. It survives not because it earns much money but because it’s a meeting place for the store owners and their friends.

It only opens after noon and sometimes closes early, sometimes quite late, depending on the owners’ mood.

It offers all kinds of Chinese teas as well as tea ware. The staple is pu’er tea, a fermented tea produced in southwest China’s Yunnan Province and aged. The store sells tea aged for 60 years, 40 years and 30 years. The price of old pu’er is like the price of old, quality wine. Some pu’ers can cost hundreds of thousands of yuan per brick.

“We mainly sell tea to people who know tea and like tea,” says owner Cai Jianrui, adding that customers can come to taste and try and they do not have to buy.