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Panehos Mexican Restaurant

Add:376 Gudun Rd

Tel:0571-8512 1219


Mexican Alexander Garcia opened Panehos about six years ago. He came to Hangzhou to study at Zhejiang University seven years ago, but decided he wanted to start his own restaurant.

The decor inside is full of Mexican elements such as the national flag, Aztec paintings and banners, high chairs and traditional costumes.

As the only Mexican restaurant in Hangzhou, Panehos keeps everything authentic.

Gringa, a staple food in Mexico, is a tortilla stuffed with mozzarella cheese, Mexican sauce, salad and ranchera sauce. Nachos Panchos, a blend of tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and topped with meat, is a main course that is popular with diners.

Garcia said the restaurant hosts parties or buffets to celebrate Mexican holidays.

While many foreign restaurants are expensive, Panehos serves comparatively cheap and hearty meals, attracting an endless stream of consumers.

Garcia said Panehos' success has made him consider opening a second restaurant in Hangzhou.

Chef's picks: Gringa, nachos panchos, tacos, burrito