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Lao Shan Noodle Shop

Add:204 Gudun Rd

Tel:0571-8897 9884


Although Hangzhou is far from Shaanxi Province, Lao Shan Noodle Shop brings the original taste of the province's Loess Plateau to the city, giving locals a chance to appreciate that faraway place.

A Shaanxi native has operated the noodle shop for more than a decade in Hangzhou.

Most of the hand-made noodles served here are comparatively shorter and wider than most noodles.

Biangbiang noodle, considered one of the symbols of Xi'an, the provincial capital of Shaanxi, and saozi noodle are the most popular dishes at Lao Shan. Of course, like other Shaanxi dishes, they are spicy, but customers with a mild palette can request milder versions.

Rou jia mo, considered by many as the Chinese hamburger, is another classic Shaanxi creation. The bun's stuffing can be either a spicy fried meat with green peppers while the pot-stewed meat isn't quite so fiery.

Hele is a noodle made of buckwheat, a crop commonly planted in Shaanxi.

At Lao Shan, hele is mixed with cucumber and bean sprouts and served cold. It is often eaten to complement the spicy rou jia mo.

Chef's picks: Hele mixed with cucumber and bean sprouts, rou jia mo, biangbiang noodle, saozi noodle